Sales Policy

We require a $350.00 deposit on all donkeys.  After 30 days, deposit is non refundable.

All donkeys are registered with the ADMS and/or ACOSA.  Registration papers will be transferred to the new owners at the cost of the seller.

Donkeys are given a complete physical and a veterinarians health certificate.  Documentation will be given to the new owner when the donkey leaves our care.

We do our best to find our donkeys a good home and we reserve the right to refuse to sell our donkeys to anyone for any reason.

Donkeys are herd animals.  They need a equine buddy.  Therefore, our donkeys are not to be guard donkeys for cattle, llamas or goats.  They should not be expected to guard against dogs or coyotes.

Donkeys must be paid for in full before leaving our farm.  Final payment is required 10 days before taking delivery.

Personal checks returned for NSF will void any sale transaction.